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Craft Beer near Me (San Jose)

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Craft Beer near Me in San JoseCraft Beer near Me in San Jose | SmokeEaters

Are you looking for quality craft beer but don’t want to drive too far? At SmokeEaters, we carry a wide selection of craft beer and our selection is always fresh. From time to time we feature specials and seasonal craft beer when available from local as well as regional microbreweries. Our beer menu is always changing because it reflects the latest offerings from craft brewers but we also carry local favorites. If you’re asking yourself where you can find “craft beer near me in San Jose,” give us a call to find out what we’ve got on tap and the specials we might have on the board.

If you’re not yet an aficionado of craft brew, below are some general guidelines that might be of interest to you in your quest to find craft beer near me in San Jose.

Craft beers come in two shapes: ales and lagers.


These are more common than lagers. Ales have also been around longer — thousands of years longer. This type of craft beer is fermented warm and uses top-fermenting yeast. Ales have a stronger taste than lagers. This is because the fermentation process is faster. Ales are generally served at a temperature that is much warmer than the temperature at which lagers are maintained. When you’re thirsty for craft beer “near me” in San Jose, here are some of the most popular:

·         Pale ales: These are a little more bitter and sharper-tasting than most other ales. These are beers such as India Pale Ale, Amber, Blonde, Irish Red, and American Pale Ale.

·         Brown ales: Milder in flavor than pale ales, with hints of toffee, coffee, or caramel.

·         Porters: this dark beer suggests coffee, roasted grains, or chocolate. The texture is a little thick but not as thick as a stout.
·         Stouts: This is a rich beer, much like a porter but thicker and darker. Your taste buds will surely notice the suggestion of chocolate, coffee, molasses, or licorice.


Lagers are not as common as ales when you’re looking for craft beer in San Jose, but you’ll find them in commercially available beers. As opposed to ales, lagers are brewed using a bottom-fermenting yeast and brewed at a colder temperature. Because of this, they can take much longer to brew. However, this colder process creates a crisper, more subtle and smoother taste than an ale. The cold-brewing process continues with the serving temperature, which is much colder than it is for ales.

·         Pilsners: This type of lager is highly carbonated with a distinctive bitter flavor.

·         Pale lagers: These have a lighter body and color than pilsners, although they are also highly carbonated. Pale lagers are often considered the epitome of an American large brewery beer.

·         Bocks: These are not all the same color but they share a taste of bitter hops and a sweet tasting malt.

·         Märzens: Also known as Oktoberfest beers, are amber in color or of a dark copper color. They are malty and are rich in taste.

Where Can I Find the Best Selection of Craft Beer Near Me (San Jose)?

When you are looking for the best selection of craft beer in the San Jose area, come check out the full menu of all our craft beers at SmokeEaters.

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