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At Smoke Eaters we serve fresh food that’s made to order every day. We show up early to carefully hand craft our specialty sauces from scratch. There are no compromises, and we don’t cut corners. No MSG, no trans fats, just flavor. You’ll taste the difference, whether it’s our world famous wings, mouthwatering sandwiches, or awesome side dishes. Anyone can make chicken wings, we simply do it best, that’s why we’ve been in business for over 15 years

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Sports Bar San Jose CA

March madness is about to begin and we are gearing up for the excitement.  Who are you rooting for and where will you watch the games? There is no better Sports Bar San Jose CA offers than SMOKEEATERS!  Our three awesome locations in Santa Clara, San Jose, and Almaden Ranch are packed with tons of TVs and excellent food, as well as a top lineup of Craft Beer!

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Hot Wings Near Me San Jose CA

When you think about Hot wings Near me San Jose CA you think of SmokeEaters San Jose! We have been serving up these delicious wings for over 20 years and they are the best around.  Our customers all love them and they all love them in different ways.That is why when you think of Hot wings near me San Jose Ca you always head to SmokeEaters in San Jose.

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Sports Bar Santa Clara CA

Smoke Eaters is the sports bar Santa Clara CA residents have come to depend on for the best Bay Area sports action.  It is also the sports bar Santa Clara CA residents have come to love because of our amazing lineup of domestic, micro and craft beers – we especially like the crafts.  It is no surprise that February is our favorite month of the year.  Why? Because, February has the Super Bowl, UFC action, NHL games, NBA action, College Basketball, and of course San Francisco Beer Week!!  It is fair to say, SF Beer Week is our favorite week, in our favorite month.

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Best Hot Wings San Jose CA

For the last 20 years, Smoke Eaters has been serving up the best hot wings San Jose CA residents can find.  We buy the largest wings on the market.  They are always fresh – never frozen.  We cook them to order and then shake them up in one of our famous Smoke Eaters sauces.  Of course, they are always garnished with celery and a choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing.  The end result is the best hot wings San Jose CA residents have come to love!

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Best Sports Bar Santa Clara, CA

Not much in life goes better together than Sports, Wings and, Beer that is why we have created at SmokeEaters Sports bar Santa Clara, CA.  We have it all! Our theme is Hot Food, Cold Beer, and Great Sports and when you combine these you get the best Sports Bar Santa Clara, CA. We love it all!  Basketball, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Boxing, UFC and everything in between are all featured at SmokeEaters Sports Bar Santa Clara, CA.

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Best Sports Bar San Jose, CA

The Bay Area is blessed with seven outstanding professional sports teams and Smoke Eaters is the best sports bar San Jose, CA has for watching all of the action.  If you are a San Jose Sharks, Golden State Warriors, San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco Giants, Oakland A’s or San Jose Earthquakes fan, you have to check out our two San Jose locations. Just one visit and you will understand why Smoke Eaters is the best sports bar San Jose, CA has to offer.

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Special Craft Beer Lineup to Commemorate the Opening Weekend of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

A certain SciFi movie is opening in movie theaters around the country this weekend.  Our Santa Clara location just happens to be located in the Mercado Shopping Center home to the AMC Mercado 20 movie theater.  We also happen to pour the best selection of craft beer Santa Clara, CA has to offer.  So we decided to put together a special craft beer lineup to commemorate the opening weekend of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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Craft Beer Santa Clara, CA

Since opening our doors in January 1995, Smoke Eaters has been committed to serving the best hot wings and craft beer Santa Clara, CA has to offer.  Our huge wings are never frozen and always cooked to order.  Originally, we offered seven different sauces ranging in heat from Mild to Global Thermo Nuclear.  Over the years we changed the names of a few sauces and added six new ones to the mix, including Garlic Parmesan, Thai Zing, Honey Sriracha, Fiery Garlic and Mango Habanero.

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