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At Smoke Eaters we serve fresh food that’s made to order every day. We show up early to carefully hand craft our specialty sauces from scratch. There are no compromises, and we don’t cut corners. No MSG, no trans fats, just flavor. You’ll taste the difference, whether it’s our world famous wings, mouthwatering sandwiches, or awesome side dishes. Anyone can make chicken wings, we simply do it best, that’s why we’ve been in business for over 15 years
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Hot Wings Near Me San Jose CA

 / Hot Wings Near Me San Jose CA

When you think about Hot wings Near me San Jose CA you think of SmokeEaters San Jose!

We have been serving up these delicious wings for over 20 years and they are the best around.  Our customers all love them and they all love them in different ways.That is why when you think of Hot wings near me San Jose Ca you always head to SmokeEaters in San Jose. We have a wide variety of sauces ranging from mild to the hottest out there!. Our big juicy boneless tenders go along perfectly with sauce on top or on the side with the Hot Wings Near Me San Jose CA.  At SmokeEaters we pride ourselves on quality food.  Our chicken is fresh and never frozen and the largest around.  This goes along with our high quality black angus beef that make our signature hamburgers so delicious. Our delicious chicken goes so well on our fantastic variety of amazing sandwiches that range from buttermilk fried with pimento cheese to the grilled California favorite with bacon and avocado.  We also feature our delicious salads that are topped with are amazing tenders as well as a new item of skirt steak on arugula.  This high quality items draw our customers into our restaurant and keeps all searching for Hot Wings near me San Jose Ca and our awesome restaurant being number 1 on the list.

When seeking Hot Wings San Jose CA and coming upon us you also get to experience our amazing atmosphere.  Our amazing sports memorabilia, Televisions at every angle featuring all the greatest sports, and our great music selection to keep all in a good mood.  SmokeEaters is a great place for lunch, dinner, with kids, friends, a night out, or late night snacks.  We have some amazing sports in the bay area and it is so fun to watch with people who are up for having a great time.  This is why looking for how wings near me San Jose Ca leads you to SmokeEaters.  A great time with great food and a great atmosphere.  We are always changing things up while never losing the original favorites.  This not only is with food but with our extensive beer menu.  We have the newest and hottest beers on tap that all the other craft beer restaurants around are trying to get their hands on.

Searching hot wings near me San Jose CA leads you to us and that leads you to Hot Food, Cold Beer, and Great Sports.  We strive for the best for our wonderful and loyal customers to make sure the experience is always top notch and filled with delicious and high quality food.  We love and appreciate our customers who have been a part of our family for more than 20 years.  The search for Hot Wings Near Me San Jose CA will always lead you to SmokeEaters and it is the choice that will lead you to wonderful food, drinks and a place you will make great memories!

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