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At Smoke Eaters we serve fresh food that’s made to order every day. We show up early to carefully hand craft our specialty sauces from scratch. There are no compromises, and we don’t cut corners. No MSG, no trans fats, just flavor. You’ll taste the difference, whether it’s our world famous wings, mouthwatering sandwiches, or awesome side dishes. Anyone can make chicken wings, we simply do it best, that’s why we’ve been in business for over 15 years
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Best Wings San Jose CA

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Best Wings San Jose CA best wings in San Jose, California

SmokeEaters is proud to offer what many in the Bay Area consider to be the best wings in San Jose, California. We specialize in providing quality food which means our wings are always fresh, never frozen. Our spice chefs have created 13 uniquely crafted sauces, from mild all the way up to Inferno. In fact, we are so serious about offering the best wings in San Jose CA that we named our homegrown franchise SmokeEaters. Come on in and find out for yourself.


Hellfire Challenge


Hot wings are an American tradition and we take them seriously at SmokeEaters. Not only do we try hard to serve the best wings in San Jose CA, we also strive to serve the hottest. In fact, we have a reputation to uphold. Our SmokeEaters Hellfire Challenge brought Adam Richman from the Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food show nearly to his knees. Think you can do better? We dare you to try. You’ll have only ten minutes to devour 12 of our freshly prepared wings drowning in our Inferno sauce. From your first bite, you will enter Hellfire. No drinks allowed, no napkins, no relief. Take the challenge and see if you are up to the Hellfire Challenge and redefine what are considered the best wings in San Jose CA.


The Best Sauces for the Best Wings in San Jose CA


At SmokeEaters, we recognize that even the best wings in San Jose CA that aren’t loaded with tasty sauce are just… well, they’re just not quite as delicious. To that end we offer a large selection of sauces that range from mild to Inferno and everything in-between:



The Origins of Chicken Wings and Hot Sauce


Deep-fried chicken wings have long been associated with America’s southern states. But from the National Chicken Council we learn that the idea of chicken wings cooked in fire breathing (our words) hot sauce began in 1964 at a little place in Buffalo, New York called the Anchor Bar. Teressa Bellissimo, the bar’s owner, invented the first hot wings late one night when she cooked leftover wings in hot sauce and butter for her son and his buddies. She called them Buffalo Wings. They were an instant hit and so she served them to her customers the next day and a national tradition was born.


Fast forward a few decades to the 1980s when American consumers began choosing boneless and skinless breast meat instead of whole chickens. As a result, chicken producers began selling the wings as a side item. Sports bars soon discovered that hot wings were becoming a vital part of the TV sports watching culture, especially football. And they also realized that the only thing better than hot wings was hot wings with friends and a pitcher of beer.

At SmokeEaters, we offer the best wings San Jose CA families rave about and we invite you to join us.


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